Master the challenge, gain a competitive edge. We turn complex data into precious knowledge with individual analytics solutions, custom-fit business reporting and cutting-edge data visualization.
There is no need to teach you the relevance of high-quality data for your business. And data is abundant – inside and outside your company. Nowadays, the biggest challenge is to unleash the full potential of all data available. Because managing data is not an end in itself. You want to transform data into knowledge applicable in practice and obtain new insights to ultimately make the best possible decisions.
From small companies to global players - we support you in mastering this challenge and give you a crucial advantage over your competitors. Don’t limit your insights by limited off-the-shelf software. Being an independent and cross-industry service provider we develop individual analyses for your individual needs. Less complexity, more knowledge - we integrate analysis results as reports and informative visualizations into existing systems and your daily workflows.
All sources, all formats, all sizes. We tear down technical frontiers and let you utilize all data you need.
Having all data you need but can’t make use of it? Don’t let software vendors and technology determine which data you may access and how you approach it.
Database systems from various vendors, complex enterprise applications, office documents, PDF, geo-spatial data, images, videos, audio, web sites, web services, special formats, text data of all kinds, databases from third parties and innumerous public data sources world-wide. You name it! Data is getting not only bigger, but also more and more diverse and complex. Utilize it and draw on unlimited resources.
Due to long-term experience with data formats and systems of all kinds and scales, continuous training and self-developed special software we render all data sources accessible in no time and connect you to sources of which you don’t even know yet.
Do you really know your data? Detect problems and explore opportunities with deep-dive data profiling solutions from bakdata.
Would you build a skyscraper without construction plan, examine fractures without x-ray or travel new countries without a map? No? Then, certainly, you wouldn’t start major data projects or invest in expensive software without thoroughly investigating your data.
You don’t have to. We have developed a large variety of methods and tools making your data efforts projectable and not a matter of chance. Therefore we review data management systems and data sets in detail, determine and compare data structures, assess data quality levels by robust metrics, detect optimization opportunities and explore hidden relationships.
Our data profiling solutions range from focused audits for the identification of short-term measures and long-term data project planning to the implementation of holistic and continuous data monitoring systems.
Do you fight or harness the diversity of your data? We combine, optimize and integrate data of all kinds at your discretion and turn the data patchwork into a powerful data workhorse.
Modern companies organize entirely different people into cooperative teams, connect single tasks to complex workflows and build high-quality products from innumerous parts. At successful companies IT systems and data management are no longer hampering but driving integration and efficiency.
We add innovative engineering to your data and develop bespoke information integration solutions. Being experienced experts with a broad skill set we cover all phases of integration, combine data from arbitrary sources, enrich them with additional information, optimize the quality and integrate them into high-performance data management systems. As an independent and entirely solution-oriented provider we offer the full range of services from quick ad-hoc integrations for one-shot data projects to the management of complex ETL processes up to the planning and implementation of custom-tailored data warehouse solutions and big data clusters.