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SQL or NoSQL? We do Data Engineering without ideology. Research-driven and innovation-oriented, vendor-independent and with an emphasis on pragmatism - we choose database technology not by zeitgeist, but according to actual needs and upon close examination individually for each project.

Our technology portfolio varies from established vendors’ classical database systems to recent open-source software to internal development on basis of latest database research. Building on extensive experience in education, research and industry we offer the full range of modern database technology.

Essential techniques and technologies in this field:
  • Relational database management systems (e.g., Oracle, DB2, Informix, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Scalable MPP Database Systems (e.g., Teradata, Redshift, Impala, Presto)
  • Document-oriented database systems (e.g., CouchDB, MongoDB)
  • Key-Value Stores, Wide-Column-Stores (e.g., Riak, Couchbase, HBase, Cassandra, HBase, Ignite, Redis)
  • Columnar Storage (e.g., Infobright, MonetDB, Vertica)
  • In-Memory Technologies (e.g., MemSQL, VoltDB, Redis)
  • Search Engines (e.g., Lucene, ElasticSearch, Solr)
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